Friday, May 20, 2011

Sizes and such

I have had a few people ask me what sizes we are looking for and if there are any specifics. We honestly want to focus more on the micro-preemie size, 20-26 weekers, as those gowns are nearly impossible to find at a store for boys and girls. I found this chart online that will give you an idea of the size of these little ones. Chart We will take anything you are willing to donate as I am sure we can find a need for all of them. Also it is best if the back is open as it is easier to dress the little ones that way. You can either do Velcro or a snap just on the back of the dress. If you are looking for a pattern you can google micro-preemie sewing patterns and there are several free sites out there. You could also use a doll pattern as well. If you are local I have the dress the hospital put Emma in when she was born that I can let you use to create a pattern. Just email me and I can get it to you.
Here are some pictures of Emma's gown to give you an idea of what we are thinking:

Thank you for being willing to donate!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our story

Our sweet baby girl was born still on September 21, 2010. As we planned for the funeral we had a hard time finding just the right outfit to bury our daughter in. Thankfully, we had friends listening to the whisperings of angels who found a website that had the perfect dress.
We have wanted to find a way to honor our daughter and to help ease the burden of others who were blessed with angels. As we thought back on our journey we thought back to this great gift we were given and Emma's Ensembles was created.
We want to provide burial clothing to the hospital and mortuary who served our family. Our goal is to have the clothing to donate on Emma's first birthday.
How can you help? We are looking for any kind of donations. If you have the talent to sew we will take hand made clothing for boys and girls. If you have any fabric, preferably white, that you are willing to donate we will take that. If you are far away and just want to help we will take monetary donations. We will also take clothing that you have purchased.
We are excited for this project and the opportunity of honoring Emma.