Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mission Accomplisheed

Back in August I was feeling very overwhelmed at how I was going to accomplish my goal of 10 dresses. It seemed like a daunting task since I couldn't sew and I didn't have any supplies. I had a thought to ask a friend in my LDS ward if she could help me sew a dress for Emma. I wanted at least one dress sewn by me. After our discussion we decided to make it into a girls night. That led to two girl's night since we had so many people wanting to help and so many supplies that were donated. I unfortunately didn't have my camera on the first night but we had 6 ladies come and help us sew and we got 5 dresses done. The 2nd girls night we 8 people come and we finished 8 dresses for a total of 14 dresses. It was so fun to get together with friends and to honor my sweet baby. It truly meant a lot to me to have them come and spend time to honor Emma. I also had a college roommate who wanted to help and her whole family helped make dresses. She gave me 3 of them and she told me they have 30 cut out ready to sew. I was shocked she had so many done. I was so thrilled to be able to take 6 dresses to the mortuary, 7 to the hospital and still have 3 in my stash at home to replenish the supplies. I truly hope they don't get used often but I am glad they will be there to ease the burden of a family who was blessed with an angel. Thank you to everyone who helped me accomplish this goal. It would have not happened without all of you so THANK YOU!!
The dresses
Sew Fun Girls Night