Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Challenge

There is an opportunity coming up that will only happen one more time for the next century.  What is that you ask?  A date where all of the numbers are the same, 11-11-11.  I really wanted to do something awesome on this day, something that would be monumental.  Then I came up with the perfect idea: 11 dresses for Emma's Ensembles on 11-11-11.  Our sew fun girl's night is all set up and ready to roll.
This is where all of you come in.  I want to challenge all of you to get your girlfriends together on this date, make tons of treats and sew like crazy.  Everyone wants a girl's night out and this is a night when your spouse or significant other would have a hard time saying no to you going.  I mean honestly just say, "Honey I have a night of service on November 11th."  Do you think they will say no?
Who is willing to take on this challenge with me?